We are TopBlend!

We deliver Premium ZAVIDA flavored coffee in UE!

TopBlend Romania's mission is to create a transparent and ethical premium coffee business, which highlights and celebrates from the producers and farmers who put their heart and sweat into the craft to the baristas or customers at home who will produce the finished product and everyone in between.

Our goal is to make sure that we are helping educate the consumers about the flavored ZAVIDA coffee, by telling the story behind the bean and by doing our best to achieve perfection in our flavored coffee business.

TopBlend Romania's plan is to increase the standard and experience for all involved in the industry, innovating the way forward for a new kind of coffee- flavored coffee.

We are passionate about coffee and flavor and go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied, always.

These practices for flavored coffee were developed not only because they were delicious, but also because spices like cardamom and ginger have long been used to combat reactions to foods with high acidity and improve digestion. This is helpful for those people who find coffee to be too acidic.

Our Values

- Quality - Zavida coffee beans are 100% Arabica from special certified tropical farms of Central America!

- Taste – Zavida products are made from high quality coffee, fresh ingredients, carefully selected and packed.

- Professionalism – In Topblend you can find some of the most skillful team.

- Promptitude – The customers (being our priority) gain time, ideal for enjoying our products in 1-3 days from easybox, we know how short time is.

- Diversity – On our coffee site, you can purchase 13 ZAVIDA coffee-based products.

- Ambition – We define ourselves through ambition, simply because we want to be the best.

- Sustainability - We take care of the world. Zavida Coffee is Carbon Neutral Certified 

About Zavida Coffee Company Inc. Canada

"Born in Canada and raised on coffee plantations in Costa Rica, I learned from a young age of the artistry and passion required for cultivating the finest 100% Arabica beans. For over 30 years, that passion has become the beating heart that spurs my family business, creating gourmet coffee unlike any other. I invite you to enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures. ”  Charles - CEO of Zavida Coffee Company Inc.

Zavida Coffee Company Inc., a family-owned and operated wholesale coffee roaster in business for 33 years, offers more than 200 gourmet coffee products as well as 26 MiniSyrup flavors with a focus on providing the best quality at the best price.

Zavida Coffees are Rainforest Alliance Certified ensuring the continued growth of sustainable agricultural practices.

They are also Carbon Neutral Certified through Trees for the Future offsetting all carbon emissions produced on an annual basis by planting an equivalent amount of carbon-capturing trees.

The Organic variety is certified USDA/Canadian Organic ensuring the coffee is grown without the use of non-organic synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers on special isolated farms.

At Zavida Coffee Canada, we've been blending the finest gourmet coffee for over 35 years. A certified carbon-neutral company, we source over half the beans we use from Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee farms, and we're committed to promoting sustainable ways to roast delicious, premium coffee blends.

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